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This wiki is about the S.A.F.T Squad adventure series created by JustinandDennis on Deviantart. The video games of the series are developed by Lusarnia Games, and published by Atomic Matrix Entertainment(better known as just Atomic Matrix).

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Disclaimer: Please note that this wiki was only made for fan-made purposes. All characters belong to their respective companies.

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  • Do not put random pictures on here without Ryantepuppydog or PB&Jotterisnumber1's permission please.
  • No Creepypasta
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  • Do not be racist here.
  • You must ask permission from either me (Ryantepuppydog242), JustinandDennis (J&D) or Pb&jotterisnumber1 before you add articles here. Violators will be blocked or even banned from the wiki.

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